Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

ebm Structural Damp & Defects Specialists are domestic and commercial Cavity Wall Insulation Removal specialists. When your cavity wall insulation fails, you could end up paying far more on your energy bill to heat your property due to dampness and mould, 2 of the problems caused by cavity wall insulation failure. This is where cavity wall insulation removal is required to rectify the problem. We’re Cavity Wall experts, this includes inspection services and removal. We have many trusted teams and offer our services throughout South & West Wales.

Energy Saving

Wales comes under the red zone (high risk) on installing cavity wall insulation.

Cavity wall insulation is a good way to increase the property temperature and cut your heating bills. Be aware, there are occasions where cavity wall insulation is not a suitable solution and will actually cause issues further down the line.

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Cavity Wall Insulation Inspection & Survey

Our process is as non-intrusive as possible. We drill a hole in the wall to inspect the cavity with our small 8mm cameras. This will allow us to view the condition of the cavity insulation.

When the survey is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report, informing you of the work we have carried out, and what information we have obtained.

The highest standards

All our home property maintenance work is efficiently undertaken, with attention to detail. Work carried out on time and on budget.

Why Should You Remove Cavity Wall Insulation?

It is recently estimated that in the UK, more than 6 million properties have had cavity wall insulation installation.  Cavity wall insulation helps to save energy, however, due to the damp climate, high winds, and sometimes icy conditions, this takes a toll on the brickwork over time, causing gaps to open up in the bricks or in the pointing and water getting into the wall cavity itself. The telltale signs of this are cold spots on your walls or damp patches which are unexplained. This can cause very uncomfortable conditions to live in. Prolonged dampness can rust wall ties which are an integral part of the property, which can mean the outer and inner walls can separate. Do not ignore damp insulation, if you suspect your property of being affected, contact the team at ebm Wales today.


  • Flood / Water damaged insulation
  • Poorly installed cavity installation
  • Incorrect insulation material
  • Fire damaged insulation
  • Timber / Steel frame building
  • Rubble

Problems The Can Occur:

  • Condensation on interior walls
  • Damp problems
  • Damage to pointing
  • Wall tie corrosion
  • High Humidity / Fungus growth
  • Subsidence and perished Brickwork walls

Cavity Wall Insulation Problems Can Effect Your Health

When cavity wall insulation becomes wet, it can potentially soak up water moving across the cavity and then may affect the wall surface of your property. When your insulation becomes wet, it can be very difficult to dry out. This could cause dampness in your property, increasing your overall energy bills at the property. This could cause your property to be colder, and could then suffer from damp smells and mould. These problems can have a negative effect on the property and the residents of the property. The quality of air inside a property can become negatively impacted by the presence of dampness and mould. These problems can take years to develop even before you begin to notice them at all. Damp could be damaging your walls long before issues present themselves. Your energy costs could become much high due to your heating having to work that much harder to heat your property.

High Tech Equipment

If your damp and condensation issues are caused by bad insulation, we can fix it. ebm Structural & Damp Defects offer a cavity wall insulation removal service in Wales. We use high tech equipment and machines to safely and quickly extract the cavity wall insulation without causing any further damage. Our qualified teams follow the best practices to make sure their work is always completed to the best standard.

How To Remove Cavity Wall Insulation

The damaged cavity wall insulation material is removed as unobtrusively and cleanly as possible. Compressed air is blown into the cavity while an industrial vacuum collects the damaged insulation from the bottom of the wall through strategically removed bricks. A boroscope is used to inspect the cavity throughout the process to ensure all damaged insulation has been completely removed.

The old insulation is then bagged up and removed, while all the brickwork is good.

The Proccess

The way which the existing insulation material should be removed depends on the type of insulation material which has been installed. The process tends to begin with the removal of bricks at the bottom of the wall to create pockets. Holes will then be drilled in the external wall in strategic positions. Using a cavity wall extraction system, the old insulation material will be sucked out of the wall. The remnants will then be collected in large bags. Our specialists will utilise a borescope to fully inspect the cavity throughout the removal process to ensure that the entirety of the damaged insulation has been removed. Once our specialists are satisfied that the cavity wall extraction process has been completed, the wall will be repaired. A clean the work area surrounding the property will then be completed to make sure that debris is removed.

Cavity Wall Insulation And Damp

One of the main reasons that customers call us for our cavity wall insulation removal service is poorly maintained exterior brickwork with a lack of protection, that has been exposed to the wind and the rain, this could be caused by the brickwork having no protection from other near by buildings or trees, etc. Some areas more than others throughout South and West Wales are more exposed the wind and rain and are more at risk of cavity wall insulation problems.

Cavity Wall Insulation & Extraction

All our work is fully guaranteed and is carried out by our highly qualified team. Our work is always on time and on budget. Our services include:

  • A guideline price over the telephone where possible
  • Free help and advice in diagnosing cavity wall problems
  • Detailed surveying capability (which may include thermal imaging and moisture monitoring where required)
  • Certificate provided on completion of work

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    I had EBM carry out a lintel replacement and damp proofing. They were brilliant from start to finish. They were clear in their quotation, kept me informed on a start date, turned up on time and got the job done on schedule and took every care in keeping my house clean. I'd highly recommend EBM

    Kevin Burke

    I had EBM carry out a lintel replacement and damp proofing. They were brilliant from start to finish. They were clear in their quotation, kept me informed on a start date, turned up on time and got the job done on schedule and took every care in keeping my house clean. I'd highly recommend EBM


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